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Are you intimidated with the thought of

turning off your Stitch Regulator?

Do you want to learn how to make feathers?

Does FreeMotion mean Meander?

Do you just want to try it?

We now offer FreeMotionMadness to 

individuals or groups, on request!


is a Hands On class that will

give you the confidence to not only quilt

but quilt 'Out of the Box'

Click the button below to sign up

Class Hours are 10am to 3pm

on a date that works FOR YOU!

What Quilt Barn Studio will provide:

1 practice quilt

1 Doodle Pad & Pencil

1 Cone of Funky Colored Thread

Lunch & Liquids

and BONUS...

Completion of this class includes a

Rental Certification !

What you should bring:

Your most 'Comfiest' shoes & clothing

Creative Cap...not Thinking Cap...NO THINKING!

What Yvonne will provide:

Basic Shapes

Basic Patterns

Intro to 'Not-Rotten-Grape' Feathers

and we'll even touch on Ruler Work!

FUN! Don't sweat it, just GO FOR IT and...

Have FUN!

The Cost:


Click below and I'll get back to you with a confirmation email!

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