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MAY 2022 Donation Raffle

With every donation,

you qualify to enter a raffle

for the current donation month,

limit 1 raffle ticket per day.

On the last day of the raffle month,

a drawing will be held.

**Starts Tuesday, May 3rd**

MAY Raffle Prize

25% OFF Fabric, Notions & Thread

**cannot be used with other coupons or discounts**

Donation Items Needed:

Cereals & Oatmeal

Sliced Bread

Canned Vegetables, Soup & Fruit

Canned Beef, Chicken & Tuna

Cake, Pancake & Muffin mixes


Dry Fruits

Olive Oil



Pasta & Tomato Sauce

Baby Food & Formula

Coffee & Tea Bags

Toothbrushes & Toothpaste


Toilet Paper

Kleenex Tissue

Do Not Donate:

Baked Food Items


Items that require Refrigeration

Expired Food

We donate all items to Christ Lutheran Church, Clinton, Wi

Please consider sharing with those who are less fortunate.