Edge 2 Edge Quilting Services

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Minimum Charge


This charge includes squaring, thread trimming, ironing both quilt top & backing, new needle and first color of thread.

Edge to Edge (computerized)

$0.025 per square inch

This is computerized quilting done from one side of your quilt to the other,

and from the top to the bottom. 

No marking will be done. Turnaround time is fast.

Patchwork designs will normally not be used as a guide,

however computerized designs may be added into individual blocks if requested. 

We offer a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Custom (computerized)

$0.038 per square inch

This is custom computerized quilting done in individual blocks.

Turnaround time is based on the extent of work that must be done

and the amount of quilts in queue.

We have over a thousand quilt designs to choose from to make

your quilt the Quilt of your Dreams!

Backing Preparation

$10 per seam

If needed

Additional Thread

$5 per color

For each additional color of thread used.


Hobbs Tuscany Polyester Batting - $7.28 per yard

Hobbs 80/20 White Batting - $8.00 per yard

Hobbs 80/20 Black Batting - $9.50 per yard

Hobbs 100% Bleached Cotton Batting - $9.66 per yard

Hobbs Wool Batting - $10.50 per yard

Binding Quilt Top

$0.11 per linear inch

Machine stitch binding to the front of quilt top only.

NOTE: Send prepared binding

Binding Quilt Top & Back

$0.30 per linear inch

Machine stitch binding to quilt top

Hand stitch binding to quilt back.

NOTE: Send prepared binding.

Full Binding Service


We will make binding from your provided fabric

and machine stitched to quilt top

and hand stitched to quilt back.

NOTE: Send 1 yard uncut fabric for Full Binding Service.

Shipping Fee & Prep Info


Before you ship, place your quilt in a ziplock bag to ensure quilt stays dry.

DO NOT ship until you have confirmed time for quilting. 

Your quilt will be insured while in our possession for materials only.

We will contact you when we receive your quilt and completed your quilt.

FULL payment is due upon completion.

We will contact you when your quilt has shipped.

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